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Lets have the General Election – Now

by Barry

This is ridiculous – we are in a position of very strong posturing but no action. 

We need a General election to break this deadlock, and quite frankly, the opposition parties just need to get on with it.   

My personal belief is that Corbyn is now in the position of having his bluff called and he doesn’t want the election in case he loses.  He can’t be concerned about losing the vote of no confidence because Boris himself wants it and will whip his party to do so, therefore the only thing he can be concerned about is losing the election.

I do wonder if the Lib Dems are losing their bottle too, they have made some big policy gestures which are very much “all or nothing”, perhaps they are nervous too.  But in any case, it really is time to be courageous.

But, fundamentally, put aside all talks of stopping a no deal crash out, if the country really is concerned then we can see at the ballot box.  If they don’t want to crash out, then they won’t vote Boris.  What is much more concerning is that while all this goes on, then the main issues of health, welfare etc are being lost, we need a government that can work.

Lets have a GE – now!

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