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Lib Dem Councillors join the Tory Councillors…in leaving

by Barry

Yesterday I blogged about the Tory Councillor who has defected to Labour because of the Cuts being made by the Government.

Now it seems that the Liberal Democrat camp is taking up the offer too as 8 of their Councillors have publicly left the party.

With comments from the Councillors stating that the Liberal Democrats have become “nodding dogs for the Tories”, and accusing them of “double standards and hypocrisy”, it sets Nick Clegg a tough challenge for his Party Conference.

So what of the future of the coalition, at what point will Nick say enough is enough?  How many of the Party will become demoralised before Nick has the guts to pull the ejection handle?  Given that we are only 4 months in, he is taking some serious damage, can he stop the flood?

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Julian Ware-Lane September 6, 2010 - 4:43 pm

My belief is that the coalition will last the full five years. The two parties are in a deadly embrace and neither can afford the divorce and its fall-out at the moment. That this will damage the Lib Dems seems obvious, although i do not think it will mean their demise.

The Tories are the real winners here, achieving power without the inconvenience of a mandate, and acquiring Clegg and co as a human shield.


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