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Lib Dem Hypocricy (Should I be surprised?)

by Barry

After being harangued before, at and after the budget meeting by Lib Dems, accusing us of having a cosy relationship with the Tories, One of the 3 Lib Dem Leaders, Jeremy Hilton, gave us a masterclass of how to be cosy at the City Council Budget meeting yesterday.

If you’re not aware, as well as being a County Councillor, Jeremy is also leader of the City Group, and can be regularly heard quipping in the county chamber that he forgets which chamber he is in.

So, after having had Jeremy shout across the chamber at us about “Coalitions in all but name” and other such comments  – I was gobsmacked to read that Jeremy had cosied up to Paul James and done a deal to pass the Tory City Budget and then admitting in the chamber that he had indeed had done a deal with the Conservative Leader to block out any Labour amendments and ensure the Tory budget passed.

Once again, he has failed to meet the every lowering standards that I come to expect from him.

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maurice blakeway February 28, 2014 - 5:52 pm

Just like lib dems in the HOC Barry so 2 faced sayiny today if they go in with Labour they would get rid of bedroom tax what planet are they i would love to see Hylton lose his seat not worthy to be one


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