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Lib Dems beg Tories to deliver in Gloucester

by Barry

It would be comedy if it wasn’t so tragic.

Only a few weeks ago, a Conservative county councillor wrote to Michael Gove MP, asking for clarity over the funding situation with the Gloucester Academy.  The person writing was Jackie Hall, a councillor I have a lot of respect for and she has done much for Kingsway over the past few years.  I did think that it spoke volumes, considering Richard Graham had made such a big deal about making sure the Academy will happen, yet Jackie had felt it necessary to write separately.  Make of that what you will.

However, it turns out that the Lib Dems in Gloucester are also very nervous about it, Lib Leader Jeremy Hilton has now written to Gove, begging for action and to meet in person to discuss the problem.

P’haps Jeremy would be better off writing to the Lib Dem Schools Minister Sarah Teather, after all, they are equal partners in the coalition….Or maybe the truth is just starting to sink in to Jeremy about what his vote has actually cost, and what his party leader, Nick Clegg have actually done..


cilla August 31, 2010 - 10:10 pm

No doubt the libs will jump ship-watch this space with anticipation

Joe K September 1, 2010 - 12:43 am

Nick Clegg did what he had to to. What he always does. Turned death into a fighting chance to live…

It always bothers me when you seem to read too much stuff into the actions of people like Jackie Hall and Jeremy Hilton, Barry. If they sat back and said nothing, you’d probably fault them for inaction. ‘Beg’ is such an ugly word, too.

If people are having severe doubts about funding for the academy, it’s hardly surprising. It was a pie in the sky idea that the last MP liked to talk up when it was first proposed, although it was already going a little flat by the time of the elections. I think there would have been a funding crisis whoever was in power, but Labour get the consolation prize of being able to claim that things would be different if they had won.

Interestingly, I clicked on Hilton’s Facebook page a short while back, and got bounced to my homepage, like when I try to visit Gloucester Labour’s page (being blocked for asking a question about Israel and Gaza was always a bit dodgy). I can still visit the Gloucestershire Liberal Democrats page, though, and Gloucester Conservatives (which you have to ask to join).

I am looking forward to seeing what happens with the Young Gloucester Labour page, though I seem to have had to join it twice. I’m a natural Labour supporter who saw some questionable activities by Labour’s local reps in the last couple of years, but hopes that young supporters aren’t going to be similarly disillusioned.

Joe K September 1, 2010 - 12:51 am

By the way, Barry, did you try to comment on my latest blog entry? I got a request for comment approval, but I tried to read it when my modem was crashing, and it got lost in translation. I know you already have approval, but you might have misspelled something…

bazkirby September 1, 2010 - 7:09 am

I think your wrong, Clegg did not have to do what he did at all. Many Liberals think he should have not joined in the coalition (as did many Tories). The views were too diverse. However he said they could make it work.

One interesting characteristic I have noticed is that if there is out and out good news, then we have David telling us it, if its news that will affect the poor, elderly, young etc, then Nick is bouncing forward to give it. I do admire the way David manages him.

No, I didn’t try to comment on your latest blog entry, maybe another Barry or Barrie has surfaced again?

Joe K September 1, 2010 - 10:30 am

I wasn’t being entirely serious, Barry, or I wouldn’t have used a ‘Star Trek’ quote. Nevertheless, I’ve come to have trouble taking the Liberal Democrats seriously over the last few years, so I’m not too bothered if this one shot at having any influence on government policy isn’t the most comfortable of experiences for them. Still, I think the idea of Clegg being managed to give out bad news is a bit exaggerated, but it plays well with the public.

I’m 90 or so % sure that I know who the other Barry was now, and I don’t think it would have been him. Not matter. It didn’t turn up on my dashboard either, so maybe it wasn’t a comment at all.


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