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Lights on Pedal Bikes – Please do the right thing!!!

by Barry

A small plea, or mini rant if you will.  With the nights closing in there are many people around on their bikes, as well as pedestrians and things like Cars, Vans, Lorries (generally very hard and fast-moving objects).  I have noticed many bike riders, young and old, riding their bikes on pavements (where pedestrians are at risk) and on the road (where the cyclist themselves are as risk) without Lights!  Please, please put lights on your bike, it may not be cool, but its much more cool than spending Christmas in hospital, or even worse!

It really does raise my blood pressure to see people (again including people old enough to know better) riding without lights, and compounding that with no reflectors and wearing dark clothing.  Even worse (and part of the reason I thought to write this) was a mum riding along side her son and neither had lights, what a terrifically bad example. 

With the Festive season approaching, nip along to the cycle shop and get some lights, you can get them pretty cheap now, and if you have some, please make sure they work!!

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