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Lisa Nandy and Rosena Allin-Khan can lead us through recovery

by Barry

In what seems a more drawn out story-line than any TV soap, the ballots are finally starting to arrive in the inbox of Labour Members.  We now have 6 weeks (yes, six whole weeks) to vote for our preferred options.  (I think next time we could have it done in 2).

Anyway, I have been mostly very enthused by the candidates that the talk has been very forward looking and inclusive (with notable exceptions) and what has impressed me more than anything else is just how much I have learned about them which has enables me to make my decision on my prioritisation.  My preferences have changed as the election phases have evolved, which I see as a good thing.  

My final thoughts for leader look like this:

  1. Nandy
  2. Starmer
  3. Long Bailey

And for deputy:

  1. Allin Khan
  2. Murray
  3. Rayner
  4. Butler
  5. Burgon

All in all, I think Starmer will be the leader and probably Rayner as deputy, which would not upset me at all as I think they would be very competent and safe, but I think we need to do more, to excite the party and bring it together in one common purpose.  That is why Nandy and Allin Khan provide a very inspiring combination.

Its not all about the leadership though, there are other positions that we will be voting for, including places on the National Executive Committee.  This is the main place where the Party is directed as a whole.  I will be supporting Johanna Baxter and Gurinder Singh Josan becuase they have been great ambassadors for the party and every member in the past, and they are desperately needed to add balance to the NEC composition.  I am not qualified to vote for the BAME rep, but if I was, then I would support Fozia Akhtar as she is part of my CLP 🙂

If you are voting, then do use all your preferences, it seems silly not to as it does mean you get a say all of the way.

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