Missing treeline on Daniels Brook – More action required and soon!

Published On October 12, 2012 » 1322 Views» Gloucestershire County Council, Grange and Kingsway, Kingsway

A while ago I raised the issue of how the Evironmental Agency has decimated a lot of the trees, habitats and plants in order to carry out flood works in the area.  I was disgusted about the way things had just been ripped up and shredded. I was assured that everything would be replanted but we have to wait (not entirely sure why).  The issue has been highlighted again from the Bodiam Avenue side, that a lot of the privacy that the treeline afforded has been decimated.

This needs replanted and also temporary screening put in as soon as possible.  This is not about dividing communitites, but ensuring the communities that live quite close together can do so in harmony without feeling like they are being intruded upon.  As far as I can tell, the work completed a while ago, but it now look stark and bare, residents want to see the promised progress towards the reparation of the environment that was there.

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2 Responses to Missing treeline on Daniels Brook – More action required and soon!

  1. Joe K says:

    The argument, as I recall, was that the trees had to be replanted at a particular time of year. Have they abided by the schedule?

    I have a sunflower that germinated very late, about two months back. I’ve improvised a [cloche?] for it, and it’s over three feet high now, but I’m going to have to make something a lot bigger, probably from unwanted packing case wood, with a glass front and a small heater for cold snaps. In another month or so, I’ll know if it works…

  2. Barry says:

    They are supposed to have it done by End October I believe, but I think they can plant up to end of February for the “season” to plant when they are effectively dormant. The problem is that they could have been much more effective and with such a large amount to do, they are leaving it rather late to get on with it.

    I am still bemused by the fact that a agnecy called the “Environment” agency created such havoc in a mature area. They could have done it so much more sympathetically!!

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