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New Motorway Services – All systems go

by Barry

For a long time now there has been a spirited battle around the development of a new services outside Gloucester.  What makes this different is that it is based on the Tebay/Westmorland model that exists on the M6 which is based on local goods and community and a much more eco friendly approach.  While many people don’t want it to happen, the final hurdles were overcome last week and now construction can finally commence.

I use motorway services, a lot, in my day job, so I like to think i may know what Im talking about here, and I think the Tebay services are simply the best in the country.  While we can not get away from the fact it is a service station, it really is different to all the others.  The food is better, and I think you get a better quality driving break when you stop.

It also sits in the countryside better, especially considering that this is in the Lake District which is (in my very biased opinion) the UKs greatest area of outstanding natural beauty) when you go there and go tot he picnic area, (particularly Southbound) its footprint does seem to work.

From a selfish perspective, it will be a welcome addition to the motorway network as well, the gap between Michaelwood and the J8 services is a long one (speaking as someone who has done the M5/M6 journey from Bristol and the like on quite a few occasions.)

So, as long as they bring the expertise and lessons learned down from Tebay to Gloucester then I think this will be a great development

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