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Mustapha Toastie – Nearly time to get “On Toast”

by Barry
A Toastie sandwich

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That was one of the headlines in today’s Citizen.  Martin Kirby, one of the columnists was reflecting on the fact that David Purchase is back on track with his “On Toast” venture and hopes to open up next month down at Gloucester Docks.  The title was a take on the fact that David is also appearing in Ali Baba at the Kings theatre, whilst not a patch on the recent Home Ed production of Peter Pan (will blog about that soon), its supposed to be pretty good.

This was a reflection on the article last Friday which highlighted David working with some Milestone School pupils to taste test recipes, but what has driven me to blog about it is reading the Citizen today (the Paper itself, not online) and reading the many good wishes and support for David, both from Martins column, but also on the letters page.  He has hit many obstacles for his endeavour, and he has hit some low points too, but he has kept going, determined to turn his idea into a reality.

I think what he has done is such an inspiration to many about what can be achieved, despite the odds changing along the way, with good humour and an optomistic and driven attitude.  While i;m less enthusiastic about the Mars Bar Toastie (having had the battered Mars bar), I really can’t wait to see him get his Business in the Gloucester Quays and see his first day serving.  I think it will be brilliant  And he well deserves all the success he will get.

This does open the question, what is your Toastie of choice?  I have to say, I can’t see what would beat a traditional cheddar and Branston pickle!

But if I was getting inventive, what about Lamb sag in a Pitta, or as Amanda has said, Cheese and Baked Beans?  What about you?

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Claire December 14, 2010 - 9:14 am

thin slices of banana and brown sugar with lots of butter on the outside… Yum!

Eddie December 14, 2010 - 10:43 am

I wish hiom the very best. Chese and onion for me


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