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New website for Gloucester Labour

by Barry
Day 009 - Web Design...

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I have spent the day stretching my web design skills for Gloucester Labour Party.  The new site, which went live today at www.gloucesterlabour.org is utilising Wordpress as a CMS (Content Management System), with a view to providing more information and also more interaction and discussion about pertinent issues.  It should also be a resource for members, friends and visitors alike to inform about what events are going on, who to contact about specific issues and how you can make a difference where you live.

As anything, it is still in early days, so the content is a bit basic right now, but this should fill up in the coming weeks, which will be brilliant in terms of making an information rich resource.

Its good for me too, because the needs of the site are so different from my own, I’m having to learn a lot on the fly about creating different ways of showing data, so its pretty good from that point of view too.

Anyway, go and have a look, see what you think and perhaps stretch to join in the discussion.

Also, update your links to www.gloucesterlabour.org (thought if you used gloucesterlabour.org.uk then it will be redirected to the new site soon too)


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