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Changes to Newhaven Road (Naas Lane Link Road)

by Barry

After personal experience and a number of complaints from residents and other road users, I have asked that the priority on the speed restriction chicane be changed over, so it is more in keeping with the other speed calming within Kingsway.

The thinking and theory behind the build outs was spot on, you get the opposing drivers to stop and “negotiate” between them who has priority and navigate the obstacle slowly and effectively.  It is supposed to make drivers cautious and therefore more aware and careful.  However in practice this one just didn’t work, especially in the dark.  You could not see the driver opposite to “negotiate” with them and some drivers were “less caring” than others and just piled in regardless.  I did a number of observations and it wasn’t just one typical driver who just drove in, but a wide range of cars and people.  Therefore, I have asked that the priorities be changed, so it is tow obstacles close together, rather than one large obstacle.

Alongside this, the other danger on that road is the pedestrian crossing which doesn’t have the lighting to show what it is.  With the nights drawing in and poor weather, it is hard to see the crossing, even when you know it’s there, if you’re a new driver to the area, at night, you would nit see it until too late.  This is also being chased as it is critical this is put in before someone gets hurt.

Finally, did you know that this road is called Newhaven Road – After calling it the Naas Lane link road for so many years, it doesn’t trip off the tongue, but hopefully some name signs will be appearing soon.  I think this road has made a big difference to navigating the area and really well worth the years of working to get it open.


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Duncan November 17, 2013 - 2:23 pm

This is great news now we just need the unlit “pinch points” by tesco express to be given a priority direction this too causes problems.


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