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News Years Resolution – Must get fitter

by Barry

It’s the same every year isn’t it, we all vow to lose weight and get fitter one way or another.  Last year I set off with great intentions and was a regular at the gym for the first half of the year, but then with the change in roles, work pressures and just the general upheaval of life, it fell by the wayside.  This year, I have vowed to change that and try to get it back on track.

Last year I focussed on the gym, which is a great place, but always ends up taking a chunk out of the day so I really have to plan it in.  What I am doing this time is still doing that, but also going running.  This helps in two ways, one I can just go and do it with little or no preparation, but also is another great way of getting round my division and seeing whats going on.  The fitter I get, the more of the division I will see using this method 😉 I have always had a hate of running, so doing this may just help me overcome it.  I need to work to make it a habit, or second nature!

I have also lacked targets, therefore I am going to enter two races this year, not sure what, but I really want to do one of the Muddy Races which are becoming more accessible across the country.  Having something like this to work for will provide some motivation.  Maybe I should do two of these or one normal road race first.  The first thing on the agenda is the Sport Relief Mile in Quedgeley on the 23rd March, I’m tempted to go for 3 miles, why not join me? Sign up here: Quedgeley Mile

A lot of this will be down to organisation, my main excuse has been the number of meetings I have make it difficult, so better planning works well.  I am also making use of technology, using an app on my phone called Runkeeper, which not only tracks what I do, but also has a running schedule so I am doing a variety of different types of running, building up my capability in an appropriate way.  I am also publishing what I am doing on Facebook and twitter as I go, mainly to put it out there what I am doing and perhaps cheekily crowd-sourcing motivation to keep me going.  If people see me dropping away, hopefully they (you) will give me a suitable kick!

So, lets see how it goes, I don’t expect to set any records, but hopefully a healthier lifestyle will be a good thing to do in 2014.


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