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No more Mr Nice Guy – Cameron the Bully is in town and after your vote!

by Barry

We knew it would end, all the supposed compassion, the “hug a hoodie” and looking after your fellow citizen.  It seems that the nasty party is back and looking for votes.  They have taken a good look at the state of the economy and realised that Austerity is not working, so what does Mr Cameron do, he does what any self-respecting bully does, and that’s kick people when they are down.  The youth who are out of work are looking to lose any benefits they have, forcing them to stay at home until they are 25. 

I think we have seen more about the true personality of Cameron this week with his antics over Jimmy Carr, and how he was quick to target the K2 scheme as “Morally” wrong and try to turn the whole nation against the comedian, when in fact there has been much come out of the woodwork about just how many of his supporters, donors and colleagues do exactly that!  But when pressed to condemn them, he quickly went and hid.  So it is no surprise to see him turn on that group of people who rarely vote and rarely vote Tory, the under 25s. 

It’s an emotive subject because some news outlets would have us believe that the welfare state is the basis of all evil and our main outgoing of taxes.  Others will tell you that this is not the case, but either way it highlights one thing, the general public doesn’t really know, therefore are a fertile opportunity with priming of any figure they are to mention. 

Cameron’s plans involve cutting completely the Housing benefit for Under 25s who are out of work so they are forced to go back and live with mum and dad.   Also cutting Child benefit for those with more than 3 children.  All good stuff people would say, give those dirty scroungers a kick up the bum and back into work, and stop those women breeding brats they can not afford.  And int he few cases that this is true, then I would agree.  But its the fact that the press have to name individual examples show that this is the exception not the norm.  The fact is that gross tax avoidance, as Cameron highlighted in Jimmy Carr and is ‘morally wrong’ far outweighs the bill for welfare, yet Cameron refuses to go beyond name calling tittle-tattle and actually do something real and effective about it.

The majority of people on benefits need them because of disability or a genuine lack of jobs.  This Government has done all it can to stifle growth, and in that it has actually achieved something, however this is the reason the Youth can not get jobs, because employers don’t want to gamble on inexperienced staff when at the moment, every business is very lean in operation just to make ends meet.  I find it cynically amusing that we all know a friend who knows a family of 12 in which no-one works and live off benefits and we can be quick to point the finger at that friends neighbour (or whoever it is) but how many do we actually know, do you really know anyone who is screwing the system in this way.  And if you do, have you actually reported them?  Becuase I wholeheartedly believe Benifit Fraud is wrong, but the actual number of people doing it is much less than you think.

benefit fraud is wrong, but also fraud on benefits, and this is what I believe the Government is guilty of, they are fraudulently claiming that the young and poor are to blame for the mistakes of the rich.  It is reality that it is the youth that is the future of the country, but if you don’t support and help them then they have no future and the current state of affairs will permeate the ongoing problem and there will be no end to the problems because we will have abandoned a whole generation.

And in case you think I have left the eye off economic ball, his proposed cuts will have negligible effect in saving revenue, but will appease Tory critics who want hard benefit reform.  He isn’t so quick to re-engage the higher tax rate cut which he claimed created negligible income (but will more than cover the savings his latest plan will make).

I dislike bullies!

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