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C’mon Nick, give me a lifeline here – Plea from the Gloucester MP

by Barry

Been a very busy week for me, so didn’t get chance to highlight this little ditty from Westminster on Tuesday, where it seems Richard Graham has finally read the Boundary rules and tried to get Nick Clegg to get him out of the embarrassing situation that he made for himself, by offering propositions that go against the mandate that he originally voted for.  Nick, however, wasn’t going to do that and he refused to get involved.

Richards Question was as follows:

I strongly support the principle of fairness in constituency size, which is behind the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011, but does the Deputy Prime Minister recognise that the Boundary Commission’s proposal to relocate Gloucester’s entire city centre into the Forest of Dean constituency seriously damages the link between the Member of Parliament and the city, and the accountability of the MP for Gloucester’s regeneration? Does he agree that the Boundary Commission could split a ward? Will he confirm that that is in order?

And Nick replied (after some cajoling from the Labour Benches)

 As my hon. Friend Richard Graham knows, this is simply not a matter for Ministers. 


Maybe that was the background to the Smokescreen article in the Citizen on Tuesday, suggesting that Quedgeley could be at risk of being moved, when no-one, not the Boundary Commission, nor any Political Party has suggested it.  Maybe the Local Conservatives are so embarrassed by how the foolish suggestion of splitting Westgate has shown just how little preparation or research was done into the bill, that they felt they had to do something to move the public spotlight!



Joe K November 18, 2011 - 9:46 am

After signs of improvement, through a comments facility becoming available, Richard Graham’s blog grows more disappointing. Not only does it take weeks for comments to be approved (and I don’t know if anyone else has tried to comment, I just know that I have only seen mine), but there seems to be no way to see ‘older posts’ anymore. Should have gone to Wordpress.

Although his entry about the boundary changes and the march has disappeared below the horizon now, I saved, as I always do, my response:

‘Seriously, Richard, did you see Des Trehearne’s letter to the Citizen on Wednesday? He counted, at most, a hundred supporters, and was ‘disappointed with the turnout’.

‘It might suit politicians of all political stripes to make hay with this issue, and Labour are trying particularly hard to make sure something sticks on you, for voting for the boundary changes, but you must have seen that readers who still have the stomach to post comments on TiG are overwhelmingly slating Ian Mean’s efforts to exacerbate the situation.

‘By all means, hedge your bets, but don’t completely cave in to the ‘Won’t somebody think of the children?!’ hand-wringers…’

I thought he was wasting his breath in parliament too, but mostly because, as I have suggested several times now, the time for action was a couple of months ago. The Citizen seems very keen to draw a veil over that, but of course, they wouldn’t want to draw attention to the fact that they failed to cover the ward boundary changes at all..

Joe K November 18, 2011 - 9:51 am

Ah, hang on, I just realised that you have to click on the ‘Archives’ for older posts, and mine has finally made it onto that entry…



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