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by Barry
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Everybody has analysed and re-analysled the Labour win in OES, so my comments are very simple.  Well done to Debbie Abrahams and her team.  They had only a few weeks to pull it together and to to pull a majority of over 3500 is great.

The Libs are keen to say they did well, but in reality like the No Fear T Shirt I used to own, “Second Place is the first Loser”.  And when you think about jsut how many Tory voters voted Lib Dem and they were still shy of many votes, Cameron must be wondering why he bothered when all he is going to get is grief off his own party faithful.

But to put it in perspective, this election came about because of a Labour MP getting caught with his fingers in the till, it was raining, which is a really big deal when it comes to labour voters, and the turnout was less than 50% which is also not good for Labour.  Yet Debbie still won with more than 3500 in the bag, and Clegg thinks that he had a good result, what a load of tripe!

But we can not get anything like complacent, as Ed Miliband has said, its the first step on the long road back and its going to be hard going, however, what a first step, and a great encouragement for May.

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