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#Ourday – 17th Oct – Local Government Day

by Barry

The 17th October is “Our Day”, which is a drive by the Local Government Association to highlight just how much information the Local Government puts out there, particularly in terms of Social Media.  The best way of following it will be on twitter, where Councillors, Officers and anyone else involved in local government is being encouraged to use the hashtag #OurDay, and if you follow the hashtag, you will see just how much information is put out there.

Gloucestershire County Council is supporting the day and I am going to be encouraging as many councillors as possible to get involve as a ‘councillor champion’, providing advice and ideas for tweets, photos and videos for councillors to share both in the run-up to #OurDay and on the day itself. I am also going to try and encourage greater use of social media by councillors generally.

In essence, #OurDay is a 24 hour tweetathon but hopefully it will bring in the other digital media such as Blogs, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.  But also (and I believe really importantly) on how to use the Social Media platforms to listen to what our residents are saying and therefore getting more information about what our communities need.  It is a nation wide event, so following the #ourday hashtag will highlight the nationwide work going on by other councils and council members.

Locally I will be tweeting and perhaps playing with Video and Audio on what I am doing.  There will be more resources round the council to show what else is going on, more departments and senior officers (including Fire Chief Jon Hall) will be using the hashtag.  More will come out as we get close to the day.

If you want to be involved as a council or councillor, give me a buzz and I will tell you what else is going on.  If you are a resident, have a look at the hashtag #ourday and see what is going on, hopefully you will get a really broad understanding of the wealth of information that is going out.

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