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Off to Party Conference

by Barry

This weekend will see the seaside town of Brighton turn red as Labour Party members and activists gather for the 2013 party conference and this year I will be joining them. 

I last went to conference in 2010, where Ed Miliband was elected leader and I got a true insight into the breadth and depth of the Party.  In 2010 I was a “bright eyes” new member, but 2013 will be a whole new experience for me as a lot has happened in the past 3 (short) years.  Being a County Councillor, I have a pass to the floor of the main conference, as opposed to the Gallery.  I’m also going with more of an agenda, I have a number of issues that I want to raise, I want to get more answers on policy detail and hopefully contribute to thinking on areas of which I have experience and also learn about areas where I don’t know so much.  I really want to find opportunity to raise issues around Home Education, as well as contribute to issues around Small Business, the Defence sector as well as poverty, house building and the future of the NHS.

I’m also hoping that the Social side will be more fun, in 2010, I didn’t really know anyone so it was quite difficult, but this year I hope I have got to know quite a few different members up and down the country and so will be much more interesting.  No doubt there will be tweeting (follow #lab13), facebooking and I also want to see if Pintrest and Flickr can be a useful way of capturing the action too (you can see the results to the right, or on the Gallery Page).  If your going, drop me a line, it would be great to meet up 🙂

Gloucester Sophy GardnerI have my calendar with fringe events and main events pencilled in and I hope, as I did in 2010, that I will be blogging on a daily basis about what I get up to, so watch this space.  But also of you have a question or query, please do let me know and I will see what I can do about answering them.  Just comment on this post, email me, tweet me etc.  Also, I know that our candidate for the 2015 elections, Sophy Gardner, will also be blogging and as she is involved in a number of the events sat at the front, then her blogs will also prove another interesting perspective on conference.  Keep an eye out on Sophy4Gloucester to see her news and perspective.



Update – Have been reliably informed that the hashtag is #lab13, rather than #labconf13 – I bet both get used 🙂

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