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These people were Home Educated….

by Barry

After the interviews yesterday and many people thinking you can’t be successful unless you have gone to a State School, I thought for fun it would be interesting to put together a list of people we know who have been home educated…

  • Patrick Moore (From Astronomy to Advising Gamers)
  • Beatrix Potter (What almost every parent reads tot heir kids was written by a Home Educated person)
  • Noel Coward (a rather successful playwright you would agree)
  • Daniel and Natasha Bedingfield (May not like their music, but they are good at it)
  • Winston Churchill (A rather successful PM, i think you would agree)
  • Venus and Serena Williams (Again, think they are good at the sport bit)
  • Agatha Christie (I think she learned how to write…)
  • Thomas Edison (Light Bulb Moment)
  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt (along with another 13 US Presidents)
  • Florence Nightingale (Her social skills were pretty good)
  • Condoleezza Rice (She can interact with people)
  • Einstein (Now he was a bit Clever!)
  • Frank Whittle (talk about a jet-setter)
  • Andrew Carnegie (Born in Fife and Worth about $298bn)
  • Not to mention almost all younger Actors, Singers, Musicians

Obviously not an extensive list, but people took issue with a comment made that I thought HE kids could be more Innovative and free thinking, well when you look at the Famous Inventors/Engineers/Writers in that list, well it does lay some weight to my argument.  Also look at the Politicians in the list, they are fairly prominent (being Presidents and all).  There are a load of historical figures, but we need to recognise that full on State Education as we have it now is a relatively new concept, Primary School was not supposed to be what it is now.

Just food for thought…..

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1 comment

Barry January 10, 2013 - 7:13 pm

There must be one somewhere… now you have said that, Im going to have to look for it 🙂 Must be a notorious crim or some-such… 😉


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