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Peoples Vote – but only on Labour terms?

by Barry

I can not get over just how pissed off I am about the behaviour of Labour members last night int he latest episode of the Brexit Circus.

One thing we can not claim is that politics is boring anymore, the activities of Parliament is providing entertainment worthy of any soap opera. However, last night provided the metaphorical throwing of the boot at the TV moment, when Labour MP’s, almost en-bloc, quite likely scuppered any chance of a peoples vote on Brexit.

To be fair, I expected abstentions or voting against from the front bench and Corbyn, everyone knows he wants Brexit and is well experienced at voting with the Tories, it must be like muscle memory. However there were key back benches who I thought were committed to taking any and every opportunity to ensure that we could stop this madness, but they primly sat on their hands whilst the rest voted and returned a 334 votes to 85 against a peoples vote.

The excuse is that this came from TIG and that others have been working for months on a Kyle/Wilson amendment that is better and that the main aim was to get the extension to article 50. Whilst they are right that there has been a lot of work gone not the other amendment, there is no guarantee that there will be an opportunity to put it, for a whole host of reasons, not least of which , because of last nights result, it could be clearly argued that it would be pointless and the speaker might choose something else.

There were some MPs who rose to the occasion, and could see the opportunity. Ruth Smeeth resigned in order to support it before hand, and afterwards, Stephanie Peacock, Justin Madders, Emma Lewell-Buck and Yvonne Fovargue. However Siobhain McDonagh described it best in her tweet:

We may still get peoples vote, and I hope we do. But, I am so disgusted at the actions yesterday and the damage it could cause, all for political posturing and “it wasn’t “my” amendment”.

But fair play to Corbyn, afterwards he did say that he supports a peoples vote – just to keep the faithful onside. He said it, so it must be true.

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