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#PeoplesVote or General Election? Or is the real question now about Post-Brexit?

by Barry

As the Brexit deal seems to be imminent, Labour seems to have 2 policies at the moment, force a General Election, or force a Peoples Vote.  Obviously the third way is to take whatever we can get in terms of the deal.  Given the fixed term parliament act then the Tories are unlikely to make the same mistake they made in 2017, or if they do push for it, they are going to be much better prepared.  However if they do offer a GE, should Labour even accept it?  This is very much the Tories mess, should Labour let them get on with it, complete their Brexit, let them own it.  So I don’t think we should push for a GE before Brexit – really what would we do with it?  Unless we have an amazing plan, then we will be lumbered with having to deliver a rubbish Brexit, which has no plus side in terms of outcomes.  We should push for the Peoples Vote, but start looking beyond Brexit too.  We need to start looking at what a Labour Government would do in a post-Brexit world.

We are well set up for this, we have our 6 tests and we have our mandate from Conference.  What we should be doing now is to determine from the EU what the art of the possible would be post Brexit.  What would we be able to do to make the best deals for residents, particularly current EU residents in the UK, the best trade deals, the best cultural deals.  We should be ready to make the most of the position we will be in and show how an “open and inclusive” approach will be possible, practicable and the right thing to do.

This is an ideal opportunity to show how Labour values can shine through on the international stage.


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JLH October 14, 2018 - 7:31 pm

That makes sense….
but if the ‘deal’ involves back transition period which lasts beyond 2021. Labour could hardly decline to take over the poisoned baton.


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