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Police and Crime Commissioner – My Priorities

by Barry

The range of influence that the Police and Crime Commissioner has is huge.  This doesn’t just include the Police itself, but those organisations and people who utilise the funding available through the Police and Crime Commissioner.  This has given me a lot of food for thought into what my priorities should be and what I want to achieve as Police and Crime Commissioner.  Having listened to a wide variety of people, visited a number of organisations, researched our county and taken on board my own experiences, the following are my main priorities:

  • Community Policing – Bringing residents and police closer together
  • Policing in Partnership – Working with local community organisations, breaking the stovepipes and silos
  • Tackling Domestic Violence – Focusing on both physical and psychological abuse, coercive behaviour and stalking
  • Policing Cyberspace – Ensuring businesses and residents can use the Internet confidently and safely.  Make reporting easier and encourage it.
  • Rural Policing – Ensuring that rural communities are properly supported and fundamentally understand the different needs of all communities.

One of the reasons for having the range of priorities that I have, is because many of the issues I have highlighted, such as knife crime, easily falls within one or more of the above.

I will have a number of posts in the upcoming weeks to explain more in detail about my aspirations and plans for each priority, because there are specific issues within each that I want to tackle, but I would also welcome your views and experiences.

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Joe K (@TrollhunterX) March 13, 2016 - 9:59 am

Minded to help you with this, as I’m one of the few ‘MOPs’ who has the measure of the police, and won’t lie doggo for them, but would you regard an independently minded person who’s prpared to stand up to them as an assset, or a liability?

You may want to sound people out about having PCC meetings properly filmed, as happens in Oxford. Or done even better than Oxford, since Richard Taylor still has to do it on his own, tolerated by the committee.


(and we should applaud the people who are prepared to tackle authority figures in person, given their tendency to ignore simpler avenues of communications, like email).


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