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Poor take up of Green Bin Service highlights poor planning by Gloucester City Council

by Barry

Gloucester City Council are parading that they have “smashed” their target for people signing up for the Green Bin service.  Well if you set a really low take up target, then it’s not too difficult to do it, especially when people feel they “have” to pay for it!

Environment Councillor, Steve Morgan, set a target of takeup of just 9400 households, which when you consider that in 2001 there was 45675 homes in Gloucester then that is just over a 5th of the houses in Gloucester.

The actual take up of 11,357 is not even quarter of households within the city.  However this take up will have generated £408,852, which is a substantial sum, especially considering that the service for the whole city was just £120k.  That means they have generated enough income to provide the service for the whole city 3 times over.  Yet it will only provide for 11k houses.

Is this solution value for money?  Where did they calculate that it costs £400,ooo to provide a service to a few houses that originally costed £120k for the entire city?  What also gets me is the lie that it used to be a free service.  This is just not true, it was a service that was paid for by our tax money, be it through Council Tax or from Central Government.

So, where is the extra money going?  How about to contribute to the Library service, or to fixing the pot holes, or perhaps saving some of the jobs that are being cut?  In this current climate, Central Government has said that we need to cut over 4 years, not do everything as soon as possible.  The City Council is there to provide value for money services to us the tax payer, not front load all cuts to try to get the pain done and out-of-the-way before the next election.  While that makes political sence for the Tories and Lib Dems, it only works if the measures are making growth.  And the big thing we are lacking now is Growth.

Lets not forget that this Tory led council has been in the driving seat for this since 2004 and they have constantly complained about the money they received from Central Government, always putting pressure on for more, so it does beg the question about how much they need to shoulder the blame.

The Tories are tired and are out of ideas. Its time for change!

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Eddie April 18, 2011 - 1:05 pm

It is a pretty poor takeup Barry, but this now brings the city into line with most of the county. I’ve been paying for garden waste for some time now

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