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Positive recognition for Breastfeeding families within Gloucestershire

by Barry
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Breast feeding can be a pretty emotive subject, the arguments of “breast is best” and others defending why they formula feed.  However, regardless of how you feel on the subject itself, there is also the additional issue of ignorance of the needs of mothers who do breastfeed, there have been many stories of shop owners/assistants/staff kicking breastfeeding mothers out or just humiliating them.

A scheme set up by GBSN (Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Support Network) has set up a scheme with NHS Gloucestershire to enable businesses to sign up and show they are Breast feeding friendly.  They get listed online as well as an identifying sticker in their window.

I think this is a good thing and while it really should not be needed when you think about it, we live in an age where breastfeeding isn’t as high on the agenda as it should be and is not “the norm”, therefore schemes like this will help the mums on a personal and immediate level.


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