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Power of Local Press : Quedgeley News – Distributors needed

by Barry

We have just had our Quedgeley News (QN) through the letter box.  It is a great local magazine which has very focused local news and also  full of local businesses.  But, what is interesting for me is how it came about.  It is the result of a local group of residents that got together to form the Quedgeley Charitable Trust (QCT), and it started a newsletter.

This successfully grew with advertising so much that they make it its own business, which is still ran on a voluntary basis, and making use of a pyramid distribution systems for getting all the magazines out.

The money they make is ploughed back into the community by the means of grants given to local groups and charities.  The Kingsway Residents Association was a grateful recipient of a grant 2 years ago when we were kicking things off and it was really beneficial to getting our idea of friendly community meetings off to a flying start.

So, why this post, well as I have already said, the QN relies on Volunteers to distribute the magazine, but with amongst other things, the growth of Kingsway, not all of Quedgeley can enjoy the QN on a regular basis.  So this is a plea to anyone who can help and deliver to a few houses in their street to get in touch with the QN and see where you can help.

In Particular they have trouble in:

  • Goose Bay Drive
  • Locking Drive
  • Systerton
  • Uxbridge Lane
  • Wattisham Road
  • Fylingdales Gardens

Ring/Text 07887 508867 (after 5.30 pm) or use their contact form

Helping this organisation out will really contribute to the local community information network, and have the added bonus of bringing in more benefit to local organisations and community groups in Quedgeley.


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