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Quedgeley Parish Council (QPC) sets the Precept

by Barry

I attended the Quedgeley Parish Council (QPC) full council meeting last night where, amongst other things, we set the precept for the next financial year.  The headline of this is that the precept will be reduced (marginally) per house, however the amount of money gathered by the precept will rise for the council budgets, and that is because of the new houses that have been built within Quedgeley, therefore increasing the number of contributors in the Parish, so in many ways a win-win.

We also got reports from the City and County councils, as well as PC Lucy Kay, who is our local police officer, who has embraces Twitter and Facebook, which I think is a great initiative for engaging with people.

Amongst other topics, one word I kept repeating was about sustainability, be it for the youth centre or plans for the sports centres, I think its important that anything we do in the next few years has to help the Parish sustain itself and think in advance about long term revenue.

Another issue raised was about the way the Parish Planning committee spends a lot of time reviewing planning applications and making comments and recommendations which go forward to the City Council, and then what the city Council do with them.

Finally it was the first time I have been able to deliver a report on what has been going on from the Residents Association part of things, which was good to be able to draw peoples attention to it.

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