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Railway Triangle – Gloucester

by Barry

News in the Citizen today reveals that the Railway Triangle will be turned into a “desirable estate”.

“The plans would see 360 new homes, including 309 townhouses, built on the 30-acre site in a £65million scheme.”

Considering the state of the housing market, and that places like Kingsway are not finished and only slowly selling houses, Hunts Grove is still to be built amongst others, do we really need more housing right now?  

Some plus sides are:

“Proposals for a new health innovations centre, allotment space, tennis courts, retail areas and business premises are also included in the scheme”

It is generally accepted that this piece of land is generally shabby looking and not a particularly nice piece of land, but is this all they could do?  There was talk of Gloucester Rugby building a new stadium which didn’t work, as well as many other schemes.   The most attractive suggestion for me was to move the station there and have better access to both lines.  In any case, a more public facility would have been nice.  I also wonder about access but the story yesterday does outline that aspect.


Rob September 5, 2010 - 9:18 am


apologies I hadn’t noticed you had posted on the triangle plans here.

Relocate the station? Are you serious? Do you know how many times that stinking old haddock has been brought out, kicked around and then put back in its box? It’s like the smelly old Uncle that comes round at Christmas, drinks all the whisky, shouts at the telly, annoys everyone and then clears off until next year.

The council were desperate to shut Gloucester Eastgate station because the headaches the track route caused with four separate level crossings over roads in the city centre. Trains have been reversing at Gloucester since 1851 and the railway companies have never shown any appetite for altering the status quo.

Gloucester RUFC would never move there because the deal involved sharing with Gloucester AFC. Also I have doubts the road access or parking could cope with 20,000 fans at home games (though it is adequate for a mixed housing/business/retail estate)

In the last 10 years, this is the first time a credible plan has actually emerged. Housing here has some crucial advantages over other areas. Namely proximity to city centre
and rail and bus hubs for commuters so reducing car use.

The big difficulty will be encouraging retailers to buy units. With Asda sat on the doorstep and the city centre so close, they will be hard pushed to compete.

bazkirby September 5, 2010 - 9:33 am

I know it has been kicked around, I still think its a good idea for Gloucester, even if the TOCs don’t think so.

I guess this falls under the “anything is better than nothing”. I don’t see though how we can build more houses, when we can not sell the ones already in the pipeline.

More retail would be good, and more medical, esp dentist.

Commuting from Gloucester is difficult, knowing from painful experience, it is very expensive, even just to Bristol.


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