Removal of Speed Build-outs on Newhaven Road

Published On December 16, 2013 » 1525 Views» Gloucestershire County Council, Kingsway, Politics

One of the biggest complaints I have had recently is about the speed restriction build-outs on Newhaven Road (Asda/Naas Lane Link Road).  Today should see and end to that because they are being removed.  Also, the missing Pelican Beacons on the crossing will be installed.  

This is a welcome development as, for a number of reasons, I didn’t think they were as effective as they could be.  That said, once they are removed, the temptation to speed on there will come back and with 2 childrens nurseries and numerous kids clubs in that area, I would encourage everyone to think of their speed and to keep it down.  I will be asking the police if they can keep an eye on it as the new layout settles down.


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