And the results are in, top political blogs (drumroll please)

Published On September 21, 2011 » 1795 Views» Politics

Total Politics runs a poll for political blogging to highlight the great and the good of the blogosphere. Last year I felt proud to just have been listed in the political directory. This year however, I am very proud to have been ranked 59th in the Labour blog listings.

For me this is a huge achievement, especially as I don’t see it as a labour blog as such but more a reflection of my work. When you consider there are thousands of great blogs out there, I feel really humbled that people would make the effort to vote for mine and to be ranked with Such high-profile labour opinions is just brilliant.

Last but not least,thank you to everyone who made the effort to vote, I really do appreciate it. I will be downloading and putting on here my top 100 badge when I get back home.

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5 Responses to And the results are in, top political blogs (drumroll please)

  1. Eddie says:

    Sorry I couldnt vote for you, but the poll asked for multiple blogs, and yours is the only political one I follow

  2. Barry says:

    That’s not a problem, it’s the thought that counts, and without Softdata it wouldn’t be here anyway.

  3. Barry says:

    Another local blog also did really well – Ruscombe Green ( ), the blog by Phillip Booth, A Green District councillor – made the top 10 Green blog and top 10 Councillor Blog, as well as top 200 blog overall. Well done sir.

  4. Joe K says:

    Not to pee on your paella, Barry, but you don’t think the fact that a not particularly political blog can figure in the Labour blog listings, gives an indication of how desperate people are to stick a red rosette on something?

    The other blogs by Labour councillors/candidates in Gloucester are nothing to write home about. I certainly hope that ‘Mr Internet’ David Drew (now a councillor, I believe) doesn’t get higher than 58, after abandoning his blog, Or, if he’s created a new councillor blog, I’d like to see the link, and wonder why I haven’t already…

  5. Joe K says:

    And Tom Harris drops from #2, but only to #10, despite giving up blogging nearly a year ago. Meanwhile, despite (or because?) of the McBride controversy, Red Rag is at 27. I know we disagree about whether blogs should allow comments, but at the very least they should be the product of identifiable individuals, even if those identities are only know in political circles? Would anyone admit to being behind Red Rag?

    “Three days of rioting and the useless dickhead we have running the country has decided to get his arse off the sunbed. Maybe he can phone that economically illiterate nobhead chum of his Gideon and tell him to stay where he is, he has done enough fucking up of the economy as it is without him coming back and cocking it up any more.


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