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Riot, what Riot? The Gloucester MP tries a cover-up

by Barry

I had made a bit of a resolution about not picking up on everything our MP for Gloucester, Richard Graham, does wrong, it’s not particularly fair  (and I’m sure there is also a comment about shooting fish in a barrel too but lets not go there).  But, I do worry about just how in touch he is with our constituency. 

On his website he highlights his email that he sent out to everyone he could after the Riots.  But on his website he also says:Media has exaggerated what happened last night – no-one was harmed, no house damaged and no shop looted

I would ask that he goes and has a look in the areas concerned and say those comments to those shop owners in Tredworth, where a gang of 20 forced their way into a store and looted it, or the stores that had their windows smashed, or the firefighters who had to control the arson in the old college building on Brunswick road,  or to the police officers who were the on the receiving ends of assaults by bricks and wood.

It’s very important to put what happened in Gloucester into the national context, we got off very lightly.  But to just say that nothing happened is going a bit too far.  Maybe that’s why he did not say anything when Parliament what recalled, if he ignored it, it might not have happened.

Very disappointed in that attitude of just blaming it on media hype.

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James August 26, 2011 - 12:07 am

You’re right not to pick up on all the MP’s faults and failings; you have a life after all 😀 I’m not sure Etonians are well known for being ‘in touch’ with ordinary folk. His government will have been rattled by these events so of course they will try to play them down. Some of my relatives overseas contacted me to make sure I was “OK” so they appeared to be even more in touch than Gloucester’s MP (sorry, what’s his name again?)



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