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Road Repair in Grange and Naas Lane imminent

by Barry

I am quite pleased to say that Grange and Naas Lane will see some extensive road repairs, thanks to the allocation of £20k directly into these areas.  This work starts next week and while we will not see whole road resurfacing, which would be the most ideal, we will see an extensive pothole repair operation.

potholes11In Grange, a number of roads will be part of a “Find and Fix” programme, which aims to send a crew to the location and fix every defect they find.  It is a very effective use of resources and the list of roads below highlight which roads are to be “fixed” over the next few weeks.

  • Stirling Way
  • Althorp Close
  • Avebury Close
  • Sandford Way
  • Dunster Close
  • Bodiam Ave (No’s 1 – 61) (Past 61 will see full resurfacing in January)
  • Arundel Close
  • Chatsworth Ave
  • Charlecote Ave
  • Thoresby Ave
  • Petworth Close
  • Vincent Ave
  • Glencairn Ave
  • Longleat Ave
  • Warwick Ave
  • Sulgrave Road
  • Denham Close
  • Woburn Ave
  • Harewood Close

In Naas lane, there are some terrible potholes and a lack of kerbstones at the entrance.  The kerbs will be installed and the potholes to the verges repaired.

You will notice that Kingsway is not mentioned, that is quite deliberate.  Kingsway and Copeland Park have a brand new road infrastructure, which is largely unadopted and therefore and shortfall is the responsibility of the developers before handing it over to the County Council.

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