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Severn FM – 1 week to go to Broadcast on 87.9FM

by Barry

Considering we only starting renovating the Old School House and turning it into a pair of studios about 6 weeks ago, the transformation is amazing.  We have one week to go before we go live on FM (87.9) and while there is still a lot to do this weekend, it is the final push and will deliver a really great facility for the community to take advantage of.  Its brilliant to be part of such a project, I have learned and am still learning new skills and also working with some really great people.

While we are already broadcasting on the internet (www.severnfm.com) that is largely music content.  What we have put together for the FM broadcast is a broad mix of music and programmes about local groups/organisations.  We aim to not only entertain, but also to inform and educate about what is going on, in many cases right on our doorstep.

The South Gloucester Area really suffers from living in “stovepipes” lots of organisations working in their own communities and while we are all doing good work in our stovepipes, we could learn a lot and be much more effective by learning from each other and working together,  and we hope Severn FM will be a catalyst for that, as well as providing a vehicle to get our messages out to the communities.

Also there is the public service aspect, if we get bad snow like we have had over the past couple of years then Severn FM will be in an ideal position to support the local emergency plans and get messages out to people.

So it’s all hands on deck to put the important finishing touches to the studio so we can do lots of testing and ensuring the setup is the best it can be and no doubt there will be a last-minute crisis of some description, but it’s looking real good right now.

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Eddie November 26, 2011 - 12:54 pm

Nice to see the new station doing well


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