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Should Gloucester Business be wary of ex-public Sector Workers?

by Barry

One of the cornerstones for the massive job cuts in the Public sector is the Governments underlying belief that the Private sector will pick up the slack, however that boat now seems to be shot full of holes as many private sector firms are wary about employing ex public sector workers.

This is a problem, in fact the implications are very bad indeed.  When Gloucester City and Gloucester County councils make many of their staff redundant (a move which is very imminent), the Gloucester Local Economy needs the private sector to pick them up to enable the growth that we need to see for the economy to recover.  If the local employers keep with this national trend then over half of those who are made redundant will not be able to gain employment within the 4 years of planned cuts.

When these cuts were announced, some 25 very high-profile Chief Execs signed a letter proclaiming that they would be able to handle these employees – Where are they now?  With Youth Unemployment at over 20% we desperately need those jobs now.

There is another issue here too, and that is the stereotyping of council employees. With unfounded accusations that council staff are lazy and non productive, who would employ them.  But I know from personal experience that many local council staff are hard-working and dedicated.  Is this where the Government may have shot itself in the foot, by representing Council and back office staff as a worthless waste of money, that they are now not attractive as an employment prospect to the private sector?

What we need now is a local plan to mitigate this and enable some form of showcasing to enable local employers that there are good employees out there, especially for those smaller businesses looking to take advantage of the local conditions and being agile enough to expand.

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