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Should Sally Bercow expose the secret that people involved in Parliament are Human?

by Barry

Sally Bercow, the Speakers Wife, has got herself a reputation for speaking her mind, particularly on Twitter (@SallyBercow) and, lately, posing in a bedsheet for a newspaper.

Amanda Platell in the Mail says “The silly woman clearly revels in the limelight, no matter how wretched she makes herself look in the process.

However, I think they should all give her a break.  I think rather than “degrading Parliament”, she is a great example of showing that actually Parliament is a Human Institution.  If more of the members of the house followed her example (in openness, I have no desire to see Eric Pickles pose in a sheet) then maybe the general public may be able to have more understanding and empathy with those in the Parliamentary system.

I think we have to remember that she is the Speakers Wife, not the speaker.  John Bercow is the speaker and it is his Job, not hers.  Are we saying that someone can not have their own views because of who they are married to?  She should be highlighted for setting the example of speaking out.

We know more about the job and responsibilities of the Speaker, as well as the impact of such a role on a family because of Sally, and I think this is a good thing.


Joe K February 5, 2011 - 11:44 am

John Bercow’s a chump, and got the job of Speaker as the ‘worst Tory’ Labour could manage to inflict on the Conservatives, but it really shouldn’t be acceptable for people to get at him through his wife.

kevin blumer February 8, 2011 - 4:56 pm

i suppose they are just at the end of the day human and mistakes can be made in the future hopefully she can learn form this and know this brings bad publicity the press love bad news it seems to be the civaliation we live in


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