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“Show Your Cross” with the Government on May 5th

by Barry
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I have had my official confirmation that my nominations for the Gloucester City elections have been accepted and I am now an official horse in the election race.

Also I have had my nomination accepted for the Quedgeley Parish Council too, though it is unclear right now if there will be an election for that or not, it depends on just how many people nominate themselves per ward.  If there is more than 8 in either ward, then there will be an election for that ward.

This year is going to be an interesting and critical year for Local Government when looking at it from the context of the Government cuts and the supposed devolution of responsibility to lower levels, i.e the County, City and Parish councils.  It has never been more important to ensure that we have the representation we want at the local level.  I already have a proven record of working hard for Quedgeley Fieldcourt, and if I am elected I will be working for a fairer deal for all.  However, on a wider scale, the more wards Labour can win across the City, then the more chance of providing a real buffer of scrutiny to the poor deal that we are getting at the moment.

So, come May 5th, don’t leave it for everyone else to vote for the candidate you want to win, that will look after your interests, use your democratic right and send this government a message.  “Show your Cross” with the cuts, “Show your Cross” with the Lib Dems for failing to deliver on their word – Use your cross constructively and put your vote with the only real alternative that is Labour.

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