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Snooker in Quedgeley – Slow and steady Rod Lawler wins the day.

by Barry

Last night was fun – got to squeeze some chill time into the evening by going to the South West Snooker Academy and watching the final of the PTC 3, where the likes of Steve Davies, Ronnie O’Sullivan, and a host of other famous names had battled it out over the weekend for the PTC 3 trophy and a £10k prize (not bad for a weekends work).  While it was a shame I could not make more of the weekend it was pretty cool to be able to go down and watch the final which was between Marco Fu and Rod Lawler and I though it was more a battle of wills rather than a high scoring match.  Rod with his slow and steady approach which went against the faster play of Marco.

The First frame easily went to Rod with a slow and methodical approach, getting an early century break and bagging the early honours.  Frames two and three were quite scrappy and slow.  Every time Marco tried to get into his own rhythm, he wold make and error, from which Rod would then come back and slow the game right down, the highlight of these was some excellent safety play and the battle over the last red in one of the frames was simply epic.  They took one each here and then Marco got his own game together and knocked in a great high break to bag frame 5 to bring it level again.

unfortunately for Marco, it seemed that Rod had the more solid nerve and got the next two frames under his own terms.  At the end, Rod’s dad couldn’t containing himself exclaiming to the arena that he had “waited 30 years for this” and ran down to give his son a huge hug.  He looked a very proud dad indeed.

I began thinking of the clichés that could come out of it, IE slow and steady wins the day, but I realised that this wasn’t the case, it was Rods determination to play hos own game that won it for him.  Every time that Marco tried to speed it up and get the game going to his style, Rod wouldn’t bite, he just got back on and slowed it right down.  When Marco tried to play at the same pace, it just didn’t work for him.  So for me, if there is some insightful message to be drawn from this is, it was to play your own game, and be confident in your own abilities, don’t try to be something you’re not.

On the whole though, a great evening and really highlighted that when it comes to sport we have a lot going for us, with the rugby team as an obvious highlight, but we also have places like SWSA that bring in world class players for us to just “pop along” to.  Lets face it, £10 to watch a whole days snooker is pretty good value and I’m already seeing if I can block out more days in my calendar for the next one (November).

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