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If you say your going to do something…… The Dominos Saga

by Barry


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English: Dominos Pizza delivered to our doorway. Size : Medium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Customer Service is becoming the real area of Competition in the marketplace, and recently I was initially pleased that Dominos had invited me to highlight my concerns over a  number of order discrepancies.  However, having had some dialogue, they seem to have decided that it’s all too difficult and rather than address the problem, it’s easier just to ignore it.  Why invite me to send them an email, detailing the problem, promise immediate action, then do nothing.

We have been regular users (say on average once a fortnight) over the years we have lived in Quedgeley, and along that time there have been a few errors and mistakes, but these things happen, and when I have rang up about the problem, it has been sorted in fairly quick time, either by the missing item delivered, or added onto the next order or whatever.

However, towards the back-end of last year, I became frustrated when a number of orders, back to back, were either delivered wrong, items missing, items incorrect or whatever, and because I was using them a number of times in short succession (granted very naughty but it was a busy couple of weeks) it just seemed to be a real drop in customer service.  I wanted to see if others had received similar experiences so I put a tweet out saying that I was disappointed in the past few deliveries of Dominos, and here, for me is where the weird bit comes.

I got a tweet back from Dominos themselves asking me to email them with the problem and they would ensure it was rectified.  So I emailed them a rundown of what had happened. There was a couple of emails back and forth clarifying matters and then they said they would take it up with the Quedgeley franchise because they took customer service very seriously.  The franchise would get in touch with me and if there were any further problems to let them know.

I left it a week or so and heard nothing, so got back in touch with the Customer services saying that no one had been in touch, to which they replied saying that the problem had been escalated and that someone would be in touch over the next few days.

Well, to cut a long story short, still no contact and so on principle we have stopped using them.  Ironically, it’s not the mistakes that are the issue, at the end of the day these things happen, but its was the invitation of “Head Office” for me to highlight the issue and their promise to solve it, and then not doing so and subsequently ignoring me that has infuriated me.  Why waste my time and theirs by offering to solve it if they then don’t actually get back to me.

PS: Yes I know that eating less Pizza will not do me any harm, but its not the point.

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