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Stroud Core Strategy – Why Quedgeley needs to be aware

by Barry
Stroud from Rodborough, 1992 or 1993

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The border between Stroud and Gloucester around the Quedgeley/Hardwicke area is becoming a rather congested area without the sustained infrastructure development.  With Sellars Farm, and the Incinerator as huge areas of contention, you think that Stroud District Council would be keen to give residents around there a bit fo a break, but it seems not.  The desire to dump houses on the border and leave them for Gloucester to cope with seems set to continue!

In Gloucestershire there is a plan to look at the provision of housing across the county and this is called the Joint Core Strategy.  It’s a plan that has been agreed to ensure that future development is done in the right place. Which sounds good, except it’s not the whole county, Stroud District Council have opted not to take part in the JCS and have their own strategy instead.  Initially they came up with a wide range of options, and consulted on them.  The feedback has whittled it down to 3 options which thankfully did not include further development on the Quedgeley/Hardwicke border, however in reading the document further, it seems that Stroud is not content with that and is wanting to further develop the border anyway.

This could mean the current development of Hunts Grove (currently planned for just under 2000 houses) being further expanded with another 750 homes.  Which may not sound a lot, though it could mean an extra 2000 people in the local area.  It’s all very well to say that it’s in Stroud District, but it is the Quedgeley resources that will take the brunt of the expansion and there are already complaints that the local networks are suffering with the development of Kingsway and other smaller packets in the pipeline.  From bitter experience, people who live in Kingsway know how hard it is to live without local amenities, and Quedgeley residents have seen places like the local Doctors become seriously over subscribed.

This is the big failure of SDC when they decided not to engage in the JCS, they believe they can just largely dump homes on the borders of the district and not have to worry too much about it!

In my response to the Joint Core Strategy, I was  quite strong in the fact that Quedgeley has seen enough development in the past few years and should now be left alone to adjust to its new size and it seems that this message is being heard.  However it could be seriously undermined if Stroud is left to just dump more new houses on the other side of the border without sufficient thought to infrastructure and amenities.

 Have a look at what is being proposed here:


And for more in-depth reading, the pros and cons of sites analysis document is here:


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