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Tell Gloucester County Council what you think of the cuts

by Barry

Gloucester County Council are asking for feedback to their Corporate Strategy and 2011/2012 budget.

This is the budget that is going to save £108m over the next few years.  I would encourage everyone to fill out their questionnaire, otherwise how do they know if they are doing the right thing. 

Just before you fill it out, take a moment to think of the effect of these cuts upon yourself, your neighbours, your family, elderly and young.  Give feedback about what effect it will have. 

What I find incredible that we have had this Tory County Council for a while, and it is only now they decide it has been wasteful.  If that is the case, why didn’t they do anything about it before?  Have they been incompetent up to now, but they will make it better, and apologise for wasting our Tax, or were they right all along and the Government are wrong?

Anyway, enough from me, go and fill out the questionnaire, and/or read more detail on the draft strategy.

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