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Theresa May, you had one job…

by Barry

So Theresa is off, and quite frankly, who can blame her.  She can say she tried her best.  But when you not only start off with a lousy hand, and then try to bluff your way through the job, to only have a choice of being called or folding, then when you only hold a pair of deuces, then its probably better to fold.  But the utter humiliation must be having been taken down by your own side, or maybe its not.

Its interesting because I know when she became prime minster and she make her initial speech outside No. 10, a lot of people in the Labour party were very worried.  Her speech was very much aimed at the centre ground which was being vacated by Labour.  There was lots of debates about how to take this on, but in reality that wasn’t the threat.  The Tories have been that busy moving to the right that her ambitions were never going to be realised.

Its ironic, she has had the weakest shadow government in a long time, one that has hung itself on ideology rather than pragmatism, and on Europe, a staunch ally.  Any competent leader should have romped home.  And she clearly thought the same, hence why she called a GE.  She won, but only just, with a dirty backroom deal, but she did win.  How bitter victory must have tasted.  

Her best speech, a bit like Ed Miliband, was her resignation speech.  We saw some humanity and humility.  If we were being generous, we could say she was sorry for the country she loved.  But in reality, she was sorry for herself, and whilst I don’t blame her for that, an on a personal level I can sympathise, we should remember her legacy:  

  • Food bank usage – up
  • Police officers – Down
  • Brexit – Failed
  • Universal Credit – a persecuting regime (perhaps a Tory success?)
  • NHS waiting times – way up
  • Local Government Spending – pillaged
  • Reliance on Charity and community – Way up (and that’s not a good thing)
  • Racism and intolerance – booming
  • International Reputation – well down

She had one job, deliver Brexit.  She failed to deliver her own vote, never mind anyone else.  She has increased division and intolerance within communities, families and friends, so it is quite right she vacates as soon as possible, indeed the bigger question has to be how did she survive so long.

So, now the race is on to see who will replace her.  The field is wide and getting wider, but is any of them someone who can heal the Country and bring it back to prosperity, and not only that but heal our international reputation and bring back some dignity and respect?  

More simply, does Boris inspire the words Dignity and Respect?  No, didn’t think so.  We are screwed!

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