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Tewkesbury Wine Run – First “numbered” event

by Barry


Having just completed the C25K with Kingsway Runners, I felt I had to do something to be the next step in my running journey, so having been told about the Tewkesbury Wine run, I thought it would be a fun way of taking part in an event.  It was the first time I had worn my Kingsway Runners top (outside of Kingsway) and I have to admit, that was pretty cool.

The course was 1k laps, with a main wine stop at the beginning and getting resupplied on every loop.  In theory it sounds great, but I couldn’t run and drink without spilling everywhere.  Now I know it wasn’t a serious race, but I was there to run, so i found I was happy taking a mouthful and keeping on going, who would have thought I would every choose running over lots of free wine!

I think next year I will be more confident in just enjoying it, but for this year, I’m happy 🙂

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