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Thank You for the votes.

by Barry

Tonight (or rather last night and this morning) the count of the election ended what was a very long and busy day.

In the end I got 777 votes for Quedgeley Fieldcourt, which was not enough to defeat Debbie Llewellyn (Con) who got just over a 1000 votes.  (I will get the exact figure later).  The Lib Dems got just over 200 votes and the Greens just over 100 (I think, have not got numbers to hand).

So I would like to say thank you to all those who made the effort and went out to vote for me, I really appreciate it.

In many ways I am pleased to have lost to someone like Debbie, as whilst we have differing opinions on many things, the fight has been clean and very respectful and she was voted as the better candidate rather than getting involved in grubby personal insults etc.  So while I would have loved to be the winner, I think Debbie is a worthy victor of a clean bout and I am (reasonably) happy to come second place to her.

So my heartfelt thanks and my apologies to those who voted for me, I am sorry to have let you down.  But that said, that does not mean the work that I do stops.  I will continue to fight for local issues and do what I can to help wherever possible.

Its fair to say that I have learned a lot over this election campaign, I can honestly say I gave it my all under the Circumstances, but all that means that the circumstances must change next time, and in the end there is not one magic trick to winning, and actually I don’t think its about winning per se, its more about public backing for what you are doing, therefore I need to fine tune what I am doing to make the right impact.

Now though, its time for bed.

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Eddie May 6, 2011 - 6:12 am

Sorry to hear you lost Barry.


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