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The insanity of the selling of the Forests

by Barry

Watching the debate on the Opposition motion regarding the ownership of the Public Forests.

Having watched a number of MPs, both Conservative and Labour stand up and talk against the proposed plans for the “change of Management” for the public owned forests, such as the Forest of Dean, New Forest and the Lake District.

A  number of issues that have come to light which show just how insane the proposals are.  For me the biggest point is that these plans would not save any money, in fact they would end up costing the tax payer.

I wrote to Richard Graham, the MP for Gloucester, to hope that he would participate in todays opposition debate and vote agaionst the plans.  Given I emailed him in the morning, I got a reply by the time I got back from work, which I thought was brilliant.  Unfortunately, the content was not as good.  He will not be voting against the sale.  He tried to explain why I was wrong.  It was a shame really that he did not really grasp the fundementaly of the “thin end of the wedge”.  But by the same token, he is new and may just be doing what the whips have told him to do, regardless.

For me, it boils down to this, the Government want to pay off the deficit, and this will end up putting more on the deficit.  Therefore why bother?  If they could say it will help the economy, then brilliant, but it will not.

it was mentioned in the debate that this is just “unfinished business”, that this is a continuation of the privatisation that Baroness Thatcher started.  But I can’t believe that!

So why continue this insane proposal?


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Joe K February 3, 2011 - 1:31 pm

He seems to be saying just the opposite in the local paper, Barry.

Mind you, this is TiG, and they do get things wrong…


matthaslam February 4, 2011 - 10:28 pm

Well, this whole approach to selling off vast areas of ancient and special parts of the country to private organisations is unbelievably flawed. I haven’t come across something so obviously unnecessary for ages. The last figure I noticed was £15 Million per year to manage the various areas. This is absolute peanuts. The importance of these areas (you mentioned 3 of the most important areas of the country), is admitted by all. Keeping them under government control seems the most logical approach, if the intention is to preserve them for future generations that is. I very much fear that the big sell off is motivated by other factors, primarily to hand over vast areas to the Tory old boys. The fences will go up and public access rights will go down.


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