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The New “Place”

by Barry

Welcome to my new blog.

Very similar to the old one, except that this is under the new funky URL, my very own webspace.

This is being hosted by Softdata, and Eddie Eldridge, the Boss, has been great in sorting it out and helping me transfer the blog over.  To put it into context, I gave Eddie a ring to say I would like the site and domain name, and then set off to drive from work to my customer meeting.  By the time I got there, the site was up and running, and I had all the details I needed to crack on with it.

Having a hosted blog will be interesting, somethings will change, IE the ability to change the look and feel of my blog on a whim takes a different and more involved process, but on the plus side, I’m hoping that this is a long term investment, so there will be a “hiccup” in blog quality (look and feel) while I learn the ropes, but the long term gain should be good. But we will see how it develops.

So, take a look around, if you have suggestions for the wallpaper or soft furnishings then do shout and lets see how this goes!




Eddie April 21, 2011 - 8:31 am

Hope everything is ok Barry

Barry April 21, 2011 - 5:57 pm

So far so good – Looking at themes and the like now to really play. Having started my holiday tonight then the next two weeks should be fun. 🙂

Joe K April 25, 2011 - 12:45 pm

I was surprised to see Sebastian Field’s blog in Gloucester Politics, when I realised he was a Lib Dem. Maybe you see a kindred soul, Barry, as he is also a keen blogger. Richard Graham, I notice, has changed his blog, which now has a comment option. Well, I say ‘option’. There doesn’t seem to be any way of writing, let alone posting a comment…

Also quite surprised to see my blog missing. And Danny’s, and wasn’t there some young lass with a rather lurid colour scheme? Chris Chatterton’s there, although he hasn’t done much with his blog…

Barry April 25, 2011 - 7:45 pm

HI Joe,

I don’t really follow party lines locally if someone has a blog that would be of interest. As with many other Councillors, while we have our differences, but a core motivation is similar. That is not the same as all candidates and Councillors, as I have found some that I actually really do not like which is disappointing.

My apologies for not getting your blog on here, and as you point out, there are others that I am missing. Main reason being that the post transfer was down to a largely automated process, but the links I have to transfer manually, and I’m still getting everything sorted out. But you should find it up there now!

Joe K April 27, 2011 - 12:42 am

Ah, I didn’t know Field was local… waitaminute, he’s Kingsholm and Wotton! Whaddaya tryna pull..?

No worries with the blog. I see you are getting mixed results with softdata, while Eddie is making hay with someone else’s testimony, and he and I both know someone who thinks the site sd made for them was ‘rubbish’. Or ‘crap’. Definitely some kind of waste product. Still the charity commission are going to come down on that crowd like a ton of residual waste, so what do they know?

I had a very strange thing happen to me the other day, which I could post on my own blog, but that might be making too much of it. I was walking back from Asda with a bit of shopping, along Widden St, and a 20-something Asian man was coming with the other way, with a couple of small children. The path was narrow, so the only thing I was thinking about was leaving enough room for them to get past, when I heard ‘Well, hallo there, Joe K”. I replied, “Hello”, and looked closer at this man, but I didn’t recognise him. He then said “How are you?”, so I said “Fine”, and continued on my way. Now I’m slightly regretting that I didn’t say frankly that I didn’t recall his face, and ask who he was. It’s strange to be addressed in the street that way, after all, especially when I’ve only commented on TiG for the past few months as ‘Tony, Glos’, because Matt Holmes’ software wouldn’t let me register as Joe.

I’m a tad concerned that the person or persons who used to post using my name, writing racist guff (and may still be doing so occasionally?) have led some people in the ward to think that’s how I role. It didn’t really help that some posters on the boards with a serious chip about ethnic issues suggested it was racist to speculate on why an elderly asian motorist might park on school zig-zags (because he hadn’t been in the country long enough to know the writing said ‘Keep clear’, and not ‘No parking’, and couldn’t read the writing so couldn’t have a licence – the point being that you can be driving in Asia for decades, and think you don’t need a stupid licence in the UK, but if you can’t read British road signs…). But there are tensions between some ethnic communites in the ward that TiG is happy to gloss over. In the long term, that doesn’t help anybody, so I’ll be addressing them instead of letting things fester. A Barton community pride day and some partnership sponsored clubs would help, so that’s the first order of business.

Barry April 27, 2011 - 11:46 am


By Local I mean Gloucester, not Quedgeley. Hope you didn’t think I was being misleading.

Im certainly not getting any mixed results from Eddie on this site, the errors are my own as its my site design and my transfer of data. Unfortunately for Eddie, he has been getting random phone calls from me asking how to do various bits and he has been great in helping me out.

I know how annoying it is to be misrepresented. Certain rumours are being spread that all I do is claim credit for other peoples work, which is irritating, but I am pleased that no-one is willing to put it in print with a real name or “brand”.

A Barton community pride day sounds a great idea. If you want/need help please do shout, more than willing to help (as long as its not before next Thursday…)

Eddie April 27, 2011 - 4:30 pm

The calls are no problem Barry. Support is what you should expect from your web host.

Like the new look btw

Joe K April 28, 2011 - 12:50 pm

Nah, I was just funning, Barry.

Although, having said that, if ‘local’ covers all of Gloucester, I would think you’d include our current MP’s blog, just as I included the previous one’s, and still do. Friends close, enemies closer and all that.

By ‘mixed results’, I only mean that when I take the trouble to do something these days (although it’s getting harder finding the motivation to start), I like to go the extra mile. I seem to recall Eddie saying the same about his company. In this case, that mile would have been transferring the existing links along with everything else. No biggie as regards my blog, obviously, but those other Labour candidates…

Actually, no biggie there either, I guess, as I’ve already remarked on their rather less than profuse output. It’s like they nailed the first step of raising their profile, to create a blog, even post the first entry, but not the regular updates you need to maintain interest. One blogger, as I recall, was Emily Barrett (the one with the colour scheme?). Her name is at the top of this list of candidates, which TiG, again, couldn’t be bothered to publish, as far as I know (not online, certainly):


And politics is a bearpit, which you may recall is why I queried your decision to stand in the first place. Similar lies were told about the Conservative candidate in our ward, about the timing of his nomination. I’ve never got an answer about that (and I asked because dirty tricks shouldn’t be tolerated from any quarter)*. I don’t have to worry much about being misrepresented in the ward, because competition for partnership officers isn’t exactly fierce…

It should be, though, which is why I sent the email below to Shaun Moore (and Nadia Stone), to put on the Trust Centre’s ‘News & Events’ page:


The partnership would appreciate it if this could be posted to the News & Events page;

Neighbourhood Partnership AGM in May

The Barton & Tredworth Neighbourhood Partnership’s AGM will be taking place at the Anglo-Asian Centre in Barton Street, on May the 9th, at 6:30pm. Nominations for chairperson, vice chairperson, secretary and treasurer, as well as places on the committee, will have to be submitted two days in advance, so to get nomination papers, contact the partnership (contact details on the website) or pop in to GAVCA’s offices at 75-81 Eastgate Street.’

I’m pushing the BTCT’s own ‘two days advance notification’ policy to make the AGM easier to manage productively, but compare our site with theirs and judge for yourself whether they will be ‘happy to add’ our event…



The community pride day will be a month or two down the line, after we convince Gloucester City Homes that Barton is also part of the ward, so there’s plenty of time…

*Not enthusiastic about any of the main candidates, for a range of reasons, but I was going to vote for the Conservative one, to balance the ward politically and because he is very engaged in the community. The Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts party’s candidate is John Ewers, though, and although they doesn’t do much for me, I know he’s also very active, so I may chuck him a protest vote. No Green or UKIP candidates this time.

Joe K April 28, 2011 - 12:52 pm

Oops, ‘don’t do much’. The hazards of re-arranging text…


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