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The Richard Graham Printer (Cheap Humour Warning)

by Barry

This photo was put on Facebook by Shaun Moore. Its a photo he took out of a magazine, which I believe is Punchline, a business Magazine in Gloucester.

Its not funny, no really….. 😉

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Joe K October 1, 2010 - 9:06 pm

That’s weird because I swear, straight up, this is the page I was on, via Mozilla, before I went to your blog, Barry:


It’s the students page of the Barton & Tredworth Community Trust web site, which demonstrates just how much Shaun Moore cares about looking after that site (I think I may have linked to it on my own blog, also as an object lesson in snotty apathy). Shaun Moore is on the Gloucester Conservatives Facebook page, like me, but in his case I think it’s all part of some strange desire to have hundreds of ‘friends’ on Facebook. I would of course, be on all the three main parties pages, because I’m not wedded to any of them, if Gloucester Labour weren’t blocking me. D’you think you could pull some strings with the mods there, Barry..? 😉

Since we’re on the subject of Richard Graham, this gives me the opportunity to mention something I’ve wanted to broach for a week or so. You’ll know that it’s taken some time for him to get his constituency office sorted out, a bit too long, I think, and he never got back to me about the offender who absconded from the bail hostel, and why the police wouldn’t say if he’d been apprehended or not because of ‘data protection’. But when he started advertising surgeries with ‘Ring Jenny’ (I seem to recall that it was Jenny originally), I wondered, so I Googled the phone number to see if it matched Jennie Dallimore, and apparently it didn’t.

Now, though, Graham’s ‘blog’ has made it absolutely clear. Jennie Dallimore is his secretary.

This seems like a bit of a demotion for a person who, from everything I’ve heard, is regarded as a popular, hardworking, conscientious asset to her community. I wonder if it’s a case of keeping your friends close, but your potential rivals closer still? If RG doesn’t get it together, after all, he could end up being deselected. The only thing that might prevent that is if his party political foes (i.e., your lot, Barry) feel he would be easier to take on in an election than a replacement. How do Pullman Court think JD would shape up?

bazkirby October 1, 2010 - 10:07 pm

I would happily get you access to the Gloucester Labour FB page – just scroll down this page, click the big red box, fill in the details and I would happily make sure you are approved 😉 More seriously, I can easily ask.

Your right about the time its taken for RG to get his office open, is 4 months acceptable. I wouldn’t make a big thing of it if he had found the perfect place, but it is on the second floor of a building with no lift. When asked how people who can’t manage the stairs will be served, he apparently shrugged and said there was a cafe next door. But it is in the centre of the city so that could be useful for him. Im not sure how happy Jenny Dalimore, or more rightly Councillor Jenny Dalimore is about being RGs secretary. Would we prefer to take on RG? Good question, lots of people think he has hardly set Gloucester ablaze with his representation and he does have 4 years to figure out what what he is supposed to be doing. You could argue better the devil you know (especially if that devil is useless).

Joe K October 2, 2010 - 3:06 pm

Heh heh 🙂 I’m still disinclined to pay to have influence on a political party, and my argument would be that I shouldn’t have to. If we the voters work hard enough to hold them to account, they would be crazy to think they aren’t accountable for any dodgy practises. The downside being that every policy could be gauged by how many votes are in it, rather than how worthwhile it is.

I can’t say I don’t understand why ‘Gloucester Labour’ blocked me, though, and neither can I say he/she would have much to gain from allowing me to comment again, unless a willingness to face and respond to criticism is seen as an electoral asset. Should I start asking about de-selection on the Conservative page, I might vanish from there too. I prize my right to ask the awkward questions too much, and both sides are holding the answers a little too close to their chests…

Joe K October 2, 2010 - 3:07 pm

Nice to see you getting into the spirit of things there, Eddie 😉

Barry Kirby October 2, 2010 - 7:56 pm

I see your point of view, however I think you have it the wrong way round. You do have influence with any political party, you don’t really have to pay for it. Lets face it, any conversation you have with any candidate can influence the way they think. That’s why I value interaction on my blog, it brings up other peoples point of view and encourages me to think about mine. Paying to join the Party is largely for the Party to be able to afford to do what it does. The funds are not unlimited, and the membership money goes to the funds, as well as the other things members do to contribute, so your not paying for the privilege to influence, rather you are contributing to the cause.

I think you would be wasting your time asking about de-selection, but it would be really interesting to see the reaction, so if you do, please keep a record of the outcome 😉

That’s not bad Eddie, though I do think the fact that someone went to the trouble and expense of getting the above pic printed, rather than just some photo-shop speaks volumes.

Joe K October 3, 2010 - 2:53 am

Maybe it’s not so much a question of which way round either of us have it, as whether ‘it’ is even the issue. Put it this way, what does the Party actually do? What, specifically, has the Gloucester Constituency Labour Party ever done for me (as opposed to an MP, who is funded by the taxpayer)? Or the local Conservative party, or the liberals? They use subscription money to pay staff, whose job it is to find sticks to beat the other lot with. Come an election, most of the funds are exhausted on (often very negative) campaigns. As with residents associations and neighbourhood partnerships, the most expense a local party organisation should incur is in booking rooms for meetings. Paid staff are doing it for the wrong reasons, as I believe you yourself have implied, Barry. All membership does is create a clique who then assume they have the right to deliberate on selection behind closed doors, which has been the GCLP’s problem for too many years now.

It’s perfectly reasonable that local Labour supporters, for example, should have a say in who Labour candidates for the councils and constituency are but when I’m choosing who to vote for, I want to know how all the candidates were picked. and not just the one whose campaign I might have helped to fund against all the others’.

Maybe I haven’t though it through sufficiently, but my bottom line is still, ‘transparency is the best (and cheaper) policy’.

Gloucester Boy October 6, 2010 - 10:19 am

I just wanted to put straight a number of claims made on this site and by the Labour Party in Gloucester in general. Richard Graham lives in his constituency! He is a proud resident of the Westgate area of the city and always will be! Hopefully this will put an end to the frankly ridiculous claims that Richard doesn’t live in his constituency. This has got nothing to do with political allegiance, its just a fact.

Secondly Richard has employed Jennie as his caseworker, not his secretary. His decision to employ Jennie had nothing to do with ‘keeping your friends close and your enemies closer’ but simply to do with the fact and she is the best person for the job and is best able to help constituents with their concerns.

bazkirby October 6, 2010 - 11:59 am

Gloucester Boy, Thanks for your input.

I don’t believe I have claimed on this site that he lives elsewhere, but since you mention it, I have been told that he has recently bought a property just outside of Oxford (or somewhere like that). Is this just a weekend home? If so then that makes sense, especially after a week in Westminster, it is a bit closer to London to retreat to for the weekend, the M40 is a bit more forgiving than the M4, and then back to Gloucester during the week. Also I guess Oxford is easier to commute to and from and he has a lot of links there. Incidentally, my In-Laws lived there for a few years and I think it is a very interesting city with great Architecture and History (and a great pub beside the bus station)

As for what Jennie does, it was Joe who raised that issue, but if, as you say, that she is the best person for the job and everyone is happy, then fair enough. Im assuming your a memer of the Gloucester Conservatives and therefore your in a good position to say. Though, a cynic would say that you would say that! I won’t though, as having seen how benificial good caseworkers are (having seen how good David P and Trish were for Parmjit) and they are like gold dust!

Good to have your input 🙂

Gloucester Boy October 8, 2010 - 8:54 am

Thanks I’m glad that my input is welcomed, I think its always good to have healthy debate.

On the issue of a house in Oxfordshire, I think you may be getting confused with the Conservative candidate in Cheltenham, who has recently bought a house in that area. The only house Richard owns is his home in Westgate.

Hope that clears that up


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