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The Runners and Riders for Quedgeley Fieldcourt

by Barry
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Yesterday, Gloucester City Council published the valid nominations for the Elections on May 5th.  Across the city, there are 11 wards up for election and Gloucester Labour have fielded candidates in all wards.  There have been a couple of surprises, but in essence the line up is complete and we can see who has put themselves up.

For Quedgeley Fieldcourt, there are 4 candidates, and these are as follows:


  • BIRCHER  Charley – 47 Hartland Road Tredworth Gloucester GL1 4RU – The Green Party Candidate
  • KIRBY  Barry Peter – 70 Thatcham Avenue Kingsway Gloucester GL2 2BJ – The Labour Party Candidate
  • LLEWELLYN  Deb – 10 Moorhen Court Quedgeley Gloucester GL2 4LE – The Conservative Party Candidate
  • SOUTHGATE  David Robert – 60 Millers Dyke Quedgeley Gloucester GL2 4XQ – Liberal Democrat

Obviously I think that the second chap in the list is an outstanding gent and eminently worthy of anyones vote.  But lets have a review of how the field looks.

Having never seen anything of the Green candidate before, then they are an unknown quantity, they have never, as far as I am aware, been to any events or anything within Quedgeley.  I could be wrong but I have never seen anything from them or the Green Party in general to indicate that they are concerned about Quedgeley residents.

The Liberal Democrat candidate ran last year, and I think that will be an interesting result to watch as a barometer of public feeling about the way the Liberal Democrats have acted within government.  They are also not very active within Quedgeley Fieldcourt, have a look at the Gloucester Lib Dem Page for Quedgeley Fieldcourt  – It is blank, and that just about sums it up.

The Conservative candidate, Deb, is the incumbent Councillor.  It is unfortunate that her Tory colleagues seem to have given up on her already and not listed her as a City Councillor on the Gloucester Conservative website, but as she is the cabinet member for Performance and resource then I’m sure that is an oversight 🙂 While I’m sure my Labour colleagues will not like the next bit, but I like Debbie, despite our political differences we have always got on.  That said, it needs to be remembered that she and her Tory colleagues have been leading the council for a number of years.  They can not claim that they didn’t see the waste etc in local council because it was them that let it happen, in fact the leader of the council has said every year that he wanted more money than the Labour Government would give them, so its worth remembering that.

And what about myself, Chairing the Residents Association and sitting on the Parish council has given me valuable experiences, it has given me a much better understanding of local issues which is great too.  But to be self-critical, I think my biggest issue will be some people thinking that I am just about Kingsway and that is it.  It’s not true, as I have a number of “big themes” including education and the growth and support of Small and Medium sized businesses, as well as a more over-riding  desire to see the whole of Gloucester grow and develop.  But I’m a great believer in actions speak louder than words and that is why people will know what I have done in Kingsway and Quedgeley.

As I think I said last year when I was new to all this :- Game on!

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Eddie April 8, 2011 - 8:18 am

The very best of luck Barry

bazkirby April 8, 2011 - 12:14 pm

Thanks Eddie, Much appreciated.

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