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Its about time the Gloucester MP should really stand on his own two feet

by Barry

There are many articles and comments about the Gloucester MP, Richard Graham, and largely all we hear is about how he is different from the his predecessor, Parmjit Dhanda.  The most recent example is the insight into his expenses, where his have gone up £50k, but he quickly points out that they are less* than Parmjits in his last year.

This is becoming a constant theme,  his constant inferiority complex, where he has to keep comparing himself to Parmjit in everything he does.  I’m sorry Richard, but if I could offer some advice – you are now half way through your term as MP, you really should step out of Parmjits shadow and look to making your own mark and standing on your own record instead of just comparing yourself all the time, firstly because you just don’t measure up, and secondly your rich benefactors find it embarrassing.  Granted it’s a tough act to follow, but you were voted in and therefore really should try.

*Oh, and on the expenses, it really does help if you compare like with like, once again, a bit of research doesn’t do anyone any harm when putting your message out…..


Eddie September 9, 2012 - 1:22 pm

Let me remind you that Parmjit Dhanda became a Labour yes man,sold his soul for the whips job, broke many of his promises and is now running a consultancy in London for his rich friends. He was punished for this by the Gloucester electorate by being voted out of office. Following the last Labour government is a hard act to follow. They bankrupted us.

Milliband, the current leader is of course is a wealthy man, an ex public school boy who has never had a job in his life. There is irony for you.

Barry September 10, 2012 - 8:28 am

While many of your facts there Eddie are wrong – (In fact its because he went against the Labour party on issues that I actually joined, he isn’t running a Consultancy in London, he runs it out of Gloucester and while the Labour Government got smacked my the economic woes, at least they worked to get it into a position where there was growth, something this Government has failed to do), it doesn’t change the point of what I said. IN fact it exemplifies it, he should learn from the fact that PD was voted out and therefore RG should be his own man. He will look particularly silly if Labour select a different candidate for the next elections.

Incidentally all your comments could be applies to RG in the same vein, he is a Tory yes man, voting what he is told and saying the opposite to whoever listens. Has never ran a business in Gloucester!

Not going to argue about the leadership of any of the parties because I tend to agree.


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