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Where are the top 800 potholes in Grange? #OurGrangeandKingsway #PotholeTop800

by Barry

Last year, every Councillor got £10,000 and they went to Ibiza for a great holiday.  Ok, so that’s not quite true, but at least I have your attention now.  Last year, every Councillor got given a budget from the highways contract of £10k and they were able to direct it in the way they thought best.  This year, the cash has doubled to £20k and my priority is quite simple, some of the roads in Grange are appalling and so I am directing the majority of the money to fixing as much as I can, rather than wild flowers and mobile speed traps.

I have had a number of residents contact me asking if I’m going to fairly spread it across the ward, but when Kingsway and Copeland Park have brand new roads just being adopted, then any work that is required will be asked of the developers, so that means I can focus almost all of it at half the ward which is brilliant.  I say almost, as I will also be looking at Naas lane this week to see what I can invest there

There are two main ways I can spend the money, either in one-off pothole fixes (You can fix approx 800 potholes for £20k) or if there is a high concentration of road repair in one place, you can detail a crew to a certain area and “fix everything they see” under the “find&fix” scheme.  So I now have the fun of working out what is the optimal way of fixing stuff.  I need to find the top 800 potholes to fix.

Where is your “worst” pothole?  How long has it been there?  Tell me so I can add it to the Top 800.  Maybe a hashtag of #PotholeTop800 is in order!


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