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The Tories are right………(Had to happen sometime)

by Barry

Lord Heseltine, in a recent report, has suggested that unitary authorities are a great way of saving money.  I have to agree.  Many people do not know what the difference in services are between a District/City and County councils and the leverage on contracting as well as making the best of staff.

This is really unpopular with the administrations in Gloucestershire, so why not look at a step by step approach.  A great first example is the Waste Collection and Disposal.  Too many different ways are used across the Gloucestershire Districts, but the County Council has to dispose of it.  So why not create Unitary Waste.  It would show how it could work well.  Then define what things need to have more local input (Planning for example) or things that can be done n a County Wide Basis (Waste, Highways etc).

So lets stop thinking about who would lose the elected roles, and think about how to deliver the services much more efficiently and at the appropriate level.

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