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A very Tory Protest! Richard Graham sets 3-line-whip in Kingsway

by Barry

I heard some interesting news today, Richard Graham actually turned up to something on time!  He took part in a protest about the lack of Doctors Surgery in Kingsway.  Big downside was that no-one in the community knew about it, the residents association didn’t know, neither did any other local Councillors. It looks like it was very much an invite only protest, with approved photo participants only.  This is an issue that has been going on for the whole 5 years of his tenure and he only chooses now to actually pretend that he cares?  Must be an election coming up!

RG KW Tweet

The issue of health provision is a very serious one, and one that has been ongoing for quite a long time, as Richard himself knows.  Lets not forget, he knew about this before his election in 2010.  It was on his election literature that he would make health provision a priority.  But his party’s decisions on NHS provision to be profit based has led to the fact that, in Richards own words “there is not enough profit in Kingsway for providers”.  That was his words from the last public meeting he attended in 2011.  Technically it was his meeting, but as he was 40 minutes late and hadn’t organised door opening, then maybe its better to say he attended.

Richard clearly deployed a councillor 3 line whip on this “new campaign” as it’s a star-studded mob, with leaders from both county and city, not to mention as many Tory cabinet members, family and some of this years candidates.  But, the number of residents is clearly lacking, but that’s not an indication of a lack of desire for a GP surgery, because it very much is wanted.  Its more an indication that this is simply a photo opportunity, not something with some  heart behind it! Even some local Tory supporters that I know were very disgruntled because they didn’t know about it and were only asked on the day.

The irony is that if I had known about this, I would have joined him, because this is such an important issue, something that is very much-needed this side of the A38, not just for Kingsway, but to take the pressure off other local surgeries too.  But there is little chance of that happening, because Richard has no real interest in solving the problem, or actually working with Kingsway residents.  He just pops in for photo ops.

I’m not fooled by his mock protest, this issue has been on his radar for a long time, he has promised action before the last election, and here we are, 5 years on, in a worse position because of his party’s decisions, and just before the next election he is campaigning again for something that he won’t deliver!



trollhunterx February 16, 2015 - 2:09 am

Why do you think Graham is calling for the Ewen Reynolds trial to be held here, and not Bristol? Much more convenient for him to hand out soundbites on the steps of a Gloucester courthouse each day. Hell, with a little luck, he might even cause a ‘riot’, or what passes for one in the Citizen.

air_today February 19, 2015 - 11:07 am

Is this the guy who supports the Incinerator? If so, it’s not surprising that he is supporting a new GP. Presumably it will be needed to deal with the health effects of the billion cubic metres of toxic fumes per year, most of which will be passing over Kingsway.


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