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Tory Sandpaper – Choose your grade

by Barry

The Tories are running through the motions of selecting a new leader.  But its already a farce, with the competition seeming to be about who is going to come second and have their future leadership run started.    Boris is a clear favourite, not only with the MPs, but from hearing news coverage, with Tory Members too, therefore, unless something amazing happening, he is going to be our next prime minister.  Yes, that gaff laden buffoon is going to represent us on a National Stage. 

London, UK, 1st Sep 2015: Boris Johnson
Mayor of London seen arriving at Global House in London

But scarily, the Boris tactic of not screwing up seems to be not to turn up.  Not deploying a gaff on TV is solved by not even being there. And yet, the Tories still think he is fit to address our country in times of crisis, to show compassion and feeling, and to improve our international reputation and respect.  Lord help us.

The other candidates are all very nicely falling by the wayside for him, pretty much with the exception of Rory Stewart.  He seems to be the only candidate who is challenging the Status Quo, the only one who seems to be vaguely moderate and trying to do things differently.  If I had to choose, then I would choose him.

But that choice is still the least worst option, its like choosing what grade of sandpaper to use instead of toilet roll.  

Fundamentally, right now there is no inspiration within Westminster – we need someone who will not just see us through the Brexit farce, but will be able to deal with the aftermath.   There is currently no-one on the Green Beeches who could deliver community cohesion, many of them can’t even keep their own party together.  

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